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beer of the month specials


Wine of the month Specials



Located just west of the center of Fort Collins, or where craft beer enthusiasts lovingly refer to as “Beervana,” Pringle’s Fine Wine and Spirits caters to local aficionados with an enticing selection of award-winning, stand-out brews. From ambers to wits and German dunkels to American IPAs, there is a tasty, high-quality choice for everyone. However, thanks to the burgeoning selection, choosing one can be daunting. Fortunately, we’ve hired and trained some of the most passionate beer “connoisseurs” in the area.

Your Craft Beer Guides

Armed with an extensive knowledge of craft beer, the Pringle’s staff ranks among the most well-versed team in Northern Colorado. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing, light lager for your weekend hike, or a hearty stout for an autumn night by the fire, we’ll help you narrow the choices by adroitly guiding you toward a choice that may just become your next favorite.

Chilled Just Right

Encouraging optimal taste and texture out of every bottle and can, we house our beer in cutting-edge coolers and keep them at the perfect temperatures for optimum drinkability. Bursting with both large-scale beer makers and limited release rotations from local microbreweries, our selection promises old favorites and new discoveries, ready to be enjoyed by all.

Great Prices and Weekly Specials

Further tempting you to experiment, our weekly specials include some of the most noteworthy beers from across the nation and around the globe. Check back every Monday to find out which beers are available at the city’s best prices.

Interested in learning more about craft beer, fine wine, and premium liquor? Follow our blog for more information on your favorite tasty libations! 


8-10-20 Beer by Nick Sullivan on Scribd

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