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Rose Wine

Rose Wine


Rose wineThe first rosé wines came from the Tavel apellation in the southern Rhone Valley of France. Most Rosés are made from red grapes entirely . The secret is that the free-run juice is actually white when it is pressed out, and it is the controlled contact with the red grape skins that causes the beautiful coloration of rosé wine. The best rosés are dry (unlike white Zinfandel) and accompany many foods brilliantly.

A good Rosé wine is perfect for any occasion, especially holiday gatherings at which there will be a wide variety of foods. Remember that Rosé is essentially a light, dry, chilled red wine.

The varying shades of pink from salmon to nearly plum , followed by a burst of fruity aromas, crisp acidity and a touch of minerality make them perfect with food.

Dry Rosé Wine: This style of Rosé wine is the most common style produced today around the world. France and Spain lead the way in Rosé wine production and it’s typical to see a blend of 2-3 different grape varieties.

​The epicenter of the Rosé wine world is in the South of France. There, along the Mediterranean, regional varieties like Grenache, Carignan and Syrah are blended together to make refreshingly dry Rosé.

A list of our current selection of Dry Rosé can be found in the spreadsheet below. The date in the far right column reflects the date that inventory and pricing was last updated. Prices listed do not reflect current sale features and are subject to change. The list will be updated as frequently as possible to reflect new additions to the store as well as product that has sold out for the season. Check back with us often or give us a call at 970-221-1717 with questions.


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